Nikkah Completion of Half of Religion

Over the rest of His creation Allah has distinguished the human beings by giving a suitable system whereby man’s self-esteem and honor may be sustained. The Quran Learning USA says this procedure is based on mutual respect and consent between a man and a woman. The Quran Learning USA according to Islamic point of view explains by doing Nikkah in a sound manner man’s natural needs are satisfied. The Quran Learning USA says Nikkah preserves posterity, Chasity and assured protection of women from being a common object.

O young people, whoever of you can afford marriage, let him get married, for marriage helps confine the looks, and preserve the Chasity. He who cannot afford it, let him observe fasting, for fasting is a deterrent. The Quran Teachers Online emphasis on the Muslim marriage world. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) who said;
“Whoever marries has achieved one half of one’s religion.”
The Quran Learning USA reported the another saying of Holy Prophet (PBUH) as

“The Nikkah is my Sunnah”

This depicts that nikkah is not based on completion of legal formality,but it’s an act of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Arabic Meaning of Nikkah:

The word ‘nikhun’ in Arabic means to bring together and to absorb.The Quran Teachers Online enlighten that by doing nikkah man & women are showing their consents to spend their rest of the life together,fulfills legal agreement called “strong bond”.The Quran Learning USA says one must be clear about the obligations of nikkah their conditions & should apply them in marriage

Before doing Nikkah The Quran Learning USA gave lesson that every Muslim should read thoroughly the tafseer and the basic terms and conditions as identified in the Holy Quran in Surah al-baqarah, Surah Al-Talaq, Surah Al-Nisa. The Quran Learning USA provide the Nikkah rules for the students who want to read it in depth. The Quran asks the Muslims not to compel women to marry with them: “O you who believe! You are not permitted to inherit women by force”.


The Quran Learning USA compiled the following benefits of Nikkah

  • One who intends to do Nikkah He/She earns the Pleasure of Allah.
  • By getting Nikkah half of your Religion is completed
  • Accomplishment of your desire in a halal way.
  • Your better half motivates you to be better, to raise a family by self.
  • Nikkah guards us from sin
  • Nikkah provides tranquility & peace of mind.
  • By doing Nikkah, you will be more determined about the completion of goals.
  • Concentration & increase in Ibaadah.
  • The Conditions of Nikkah:

    The Quran Learning USA, provide the following conditions for the completion of Nikkah.

  • A Believer
  • Preparedness from both sides(Muslims Male & Female)
  • Agreement of Walli
  • Mahr (Dowry)
  • Two male Eyewitnesses.
  • General Qualities of the right Prospective Spouse

    The Quran Learning USA highlights the Quranic point of view about Nikkah.
    The Holy Prophet (SAW) said:

    “A person is on the religion of his companions. Therefore let every one of you carefully consider the company he keeps.”[Tirmidhi]

    “One whose appearance reminds you of Allah, and whose speech increases you in knowledge (of Allah) and whose actions reminds you of the hereafter.”

    The Quran Learning USA clarify that one must be sincere in their deeds, make good ibadah

    “Bad women are for bad men and bad men are for bad women. And good women are for good men and good men are for good women.” [Holy Quran 24:26]

    From this Quranic verse meaning it depicts that in Muslims life the rule of “Tit for Tat” is applied that Muslims must do good acts & more Ibadaah in order to achieve faithful life partner.

    The Quran Learning USA highlighted that at the time of marriage, according to sharia groom is fulfilled to give bride her mehr which is the main pillar of Nikkah.It’s superior that the mehr should be paid to the bride on the first day of marriage either in cash form or any other.

    The Quran Learning USA educate that “Whoever marries a woman solely for her power and position, Allah will only increase him in humiliation. Whoever marries a woman solely for her wealth, Allah will only increase him in poverty. Whoever marries a woman because of her beauty, Allah will only increase him in ugliness. But whoever marries a woman in order that he may restrain his eyes, observe cautiousness, and treat his relations kindly, Allah puts a blessing in her for him and in him for her” Ameen.