Introduction of Ramadan according to Age group

Ramadan is the Blessing of Allah (SWT) and one who finds Ramadan keep fasting in this Holy month. The Quran Teacher Online gives us the lesson of encouraging the children to love Islam.Children should know the specialty of Ramadan. The Quran Teachers Online says parents should share their happiness to the kids that the month of blessing has arrived.This month gave us the chance of getting closer to Allah. To appeal the kids The Quran Learning USA explains several ways to grasp the attention of kids towards Ramadan like decorating the house, beautiful scheme of prayer mat selection, kept good Islamic books and arrange rewards for good deeds on the daily basis. Another way The Quran Learning USA portray to decorate the room reserved for namaz with beautiful charts, good Hadith & importance of basic pillars of Islam with verses of Holy Quran.

When Children Start fasting:

The Quran Learning USA according to the Islamic point of view elaborates the age of fasting for children.When the children reached at seven years of age make a habit of child to perform limited fasting on half days or on weekends only. When the child starts making a habit of it and steadily engenders a sense of presence during the month-long observance.

The Quran Learning USA emphasis on make a list of daily activities that your child can do to feel the essence of Ramadan.Make a Namaz diary with the assistance of your child that after performing every prayer ,your child marks on it .The Quran Teacher Online collects some short stories about Prophets in islam and parents should make a habit to watch every evening as something different from the previous Ramadan.Attaining the support of Allah ,The Quran Teachers Online emphasis on fasting that means to be disciplined because the opening & closing time of fasting is disciplined(fixed) and you are compelled to observe the proper timings just like you have fixed time to come to school.

When the children get feel hunger while fasting, The Quran Teacher Online gave the lesson that what poor people are going through when they don’t have sufficient to eat.This is the way to teach children about poor people.The Quran Teacher Online teaches children to thanks to Allah Almighty for His blessings.The Quran Learning USA in Ramadan gave the lesson of patience and not to be greedy.The Quran Learning USA highlighting on giving charity by showing to their children.If your child is strong-minded to complete whole days of fasting then you should make dishes according to your child what they likes.

The Quran Learning USA says explain your child that Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam Starting with Profession of Faith Shahadah The Quran Learning USA describes the faith that”There is no god but God and Muhammad (SAW) is the messenger of God. Prayer Salah The Quran Learning USA instructs the Muslims to offer prayer five times a day.It is the obligation of parents to stand their children for Namaz along with them Alms (zakat) The Quran Learning USA in accordance with Islamic Law said.From income of the Muslim community donate a fix portion among the deserving people. Fasting (sawn) Fasting gives us the lesson to refrain from food and drink. Pilgrimage (Hajj) Muslims whose health and finances allows him to make at least one visit to this sacred place (Makkah) In the last The Quran Learning USA gave us a message that when children grow up, parents should clarify the concept of being between the love and fear of Allah,good deeds which pleases Allah and way to Jannah. The Quran Teachers Online says we should groom our child in such a way that on every single mistake we simply regret to Him and ask for His clemency.