How to Build Islamic Ethics in Children

Ethics is known as akhlaq (plural of khuluq) which means character, nature, and disposition. The Quran Learning USA explained the stamen of al-Ghazali that human beings consist of two forms khalq and khulq. The physical form of mankind is khalq while khulq refers to the spiritual form of mankind. The Quran Learning USA from a very initial stage put emphasis on teaching akhlaaq to children. As a parent Allah gave us a huge responsibility. We will be answerable about our children on the Day of Judgment. The Quran Learning USA says it is our duty we must inspire our kids to love Islam. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said;

Those of you will be closest to me on the Day of Judgment will be those who have the best Akhlaq”.

The Quran Learning USA compiled the following main akhlaaq for kids. Some are;
❖ Controlling Your Annoyance, however what’s the situation.
❖ Never break promises.
❖ To achieve your goals, study hard.
❖ Children should be caring for orphans. The Quran Learning USA says we should give them training that orphans don’t have the facilities like you.
❖ Developing a habit of forgiving others.

Rules of Ethics:

The Quran Learning USA gave following lesson of ethics for children;

1. Thanking Allah:
The Quran Learning USA says every parent should say “Thanking Allah” for all the blessings we have. In this way children learn from their parents. The Quran Teachers Online illustrates that we should tell our children to be thankful to Allah what he/she has given to us. In all senses we should thank Allah.

In the Holy Quran Allah almighty says:

“You must be thankful to me, I will give you more”.

From this quote the Quran Learning USA means by doing shukar one must be humble & modest.

The Quran Learning USA explains that in front of Allah all the creatures of Allah are important regardless of how big and small rich & poor.

The Quran Learning USA says that every parent desires that their children must be obedient. Parents should show their affection and attention for their own parents. The Quran Learning USA highlights that instead of being taught Children understand more by doing it practically in front of him.

2. Etiquettes for Children:

  • The Quran Learning USA elaborates the following manners for children;
  • Parents should keep an eye on their children ,they use their right hand before eating and holding anything.
  • Teach children hygienic etiquette.
  • After using the toilet parents should teach how to clean properly.
  • Parents must give lessons on speaking politely & treating them kindly.
  • Parents should keep an eye on Children's Company whether it is good or bad.
  • 3. Componets of Akhlaq:

    The Quran Learning USA illustrates the six components of Akhlaq;

    In the end, the Quran Learning USA says as Muslims we represent Islam all over the world like UK, USA, Australia and all other countries of the world so, we should represent Islam by our deeds and shows we have great Allah.The Quran Learning USA further explains no matter what people are think about us it’s the values,maneers & chracter that distinguish us from other religion. The Quran Learning USA says parents must keep an eye on their child's behavior & their conversation with other people. May Allah help us to have good Akhlaq and seek His pleasure in all phases of life ,Ameen.