Right Age One Should Teach Children to Start Making Salah (Prayer)

The Quran Learning USA focuses on the obligation for a Muslim to observe prayer upon reaching the age of puberty. The Quran Learning USA defines puberty by natural manifest signs some of which are common to both genders and others are just limited to one gender. Either Male or Female the Quran Learning USA illustrated that Muslim children are trained politely by parents to pray when they reach at the age of 7.The Quran Learning USA emphasis on the training starts softly with little discipline early on. The level of disciplinary measures increased with age. The Quran Learning USA says in Quran the Holy Prophet (SAW) said;

“Command your children to perform prayer at seven years of age and beat him for refusing it from the age of ten”. [at-Tirmizi No. 407]

The Quran Learning USA explained that it is the responsibility of parents to command their children about namaz from the moment when they extricate between men & women, differentiate between rights & wrong can understand what to eat and what to not eat. The Quran Learning USA says namaz is the second pillar of Islam and plays a pivotal role in the Islamic faith. The Quran Learning USA says salaat is specifically mentioned in the Holy Quran along with a variety of rules and guidelines. The Quran Learning USA emphasis on parents to teach namaz to children five times a day and if they are reluctant to perform then parents also scold their children on this issue. The Quran Learning USA gives us a lesson that if parents are not alive then it’s the responsibility of grandparents to give the lesson of namaz to children.

The Quran Learning USA enlighten that when the children reach at the age of 10, the guardians of the child without instigating them pain should punish him/her on their act that why he/she missed their obligation (prayer).

The Quran Learning USA says to seek attention of your child about namaz one should prepare a place which is reserved for namaz, decorate the place which you have reserved for namaz by beautiful lights, some colorful charts, the scenery of mosque displaying there and the colorful praying mats (the colors which attracts your child).The Quran Learning USA says these are the some strategies by which you can grab your child’s attention towards namaz.

Principle & Benefits of Salah:

  • The Quran Learning USA says memorizing the God Prayer is the best way. Our Allah almighty has given a lesson that “only in the remembrance of God do hearts find peace”.
  • Standing five times a day in front of Allah reminds us of the Day of Judgment. The Quran Learning USA says basically this thought stay away from evil acts, we would not harm anyone nor harm to their property and would not be unfair to anyone.
  • The Quran Learning USA says we talk with our creator by offering prayer. If we have attempted a sin then by offering prayer we will feel ashamed and cleanse our feelings and thoughts.
  • Our Holy Prophet (SAW) said:

    “Praying five times a day is just like that. Allah forgives our sins through our five daily ritual prayers”.