Guideline FOR Good Parenting in Islam according to Sunnah

The Quran Learning USA focuses on the Muslims parents to bring up their children with belief and absorb the love of Allah in their hearts from an early age. The Quran Learning USA says our children are an amanah from Allah (SWT).We should pay attention on proper upbringing of Muslim children. Although it’s a huge responsibility, most parents find it difficult to raise fruitful and pious children.

Parents Contribute in Shaping Children Destiny:

The Quran Learning USA gives an honourable position to parents; train them to thing right according to Islam.

Your esteemed position allows you only to bring your children closer to Allah (SWT) and straighten their morals not to make them slaves of society and culture.

According to the Quran Learning USA, instead of adopting other people’s parenting experiences, parents should follow the successful parenting from the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The Quran Learning USA focuses on the following Hadith that Islam provides some wonderful guidelines for Muslim parents in order to raise our children.

"Play with them for the first seven years (of their life); then teach them for the next seven years ; then advise them for the next seven years (and after that).

In fact, being merciful to children is one of the easiest sunnahs to practice. The Quran Learning USA delivered a lesson to the Muslim Parents when raising our children our main aim to make them benefit for us and themselves for the Hereafter.

To attain this purpose, we should focus on the basic five principles that are vital to adopt while fulfilling our daily tasks of caring for our children:

  • Children are born pure.
  • Guide & Lead children with sympathy and compassion.
  • Parents should attend to their children in an appropriate way.
  • Set Children & their boundaries.
  • Children need responsibilities.
  • Children need structure and routine.
  • Read the Holy Quran, Understanding its Meaning for Five Minutes Every Day:

    The Quran Learning USA focuses on the recitation of the Holy Quran daily.Parents should develop habit of their children to recite Holy Quran daily whether in the car, early morning after Fajar, or right before you go to bed, read the Holy Quran with translation and tafseer.

    Give Education of Deen:

    The Quran Learning USA highlights that we must introduce our children with Islam right from their childhood.The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) would take his grandsons to the Mosque when they were perhaps toddlers.The Quran Learning USA says parents should accompany their children to the Masjid,let them see you pray and recite the Holy Quran.

    Make Dua for Children:

    The Quran Learning USA says parents can give their children the best gift is supplication.The Holy Prophet (SAW) would pray for his grandsons and once ,he said:

    "O Allah, I love them, so lovethem".

    Inspire them towards goodness:

    The Quran Learning USA says as Muslim parents we should help our children to see the path of good deeds when they are not able to see it themselves. The Quran Teachers Online explained that children must be raised properly, to be attended carefully; we should ensure that all these obligations are met to the best of our capabilities.

    Build a Masjid In your Home:

    The Quran Learning USA says Muslim Parents should reserve a separate place in their home for Namaz so that children observe. Make this Masjid completely the responsibility of the kids. Get the eldest one to be in charge .In this way they will love to perform Namaz there.

    The Quran Learning USA says when we look at our children, they are a reflection of ourselves .So, if you see some habits that you don’t like then it’s the appropriate time to start working on yourself and turn to Allah for help. Always ask as He is always there to help.