The Quran Learning USA clarifies an important act to be performed before Namaz which is wudhu. Basically, in Wudhu the body parts are washed with clean water.

The Quran Learning USA says intention is very important and it is the first step of Wudhu.

Appropriate Method of Ablution:

The Quran Learning USA highlights the basic requirement of wudhu is shirt sleeves are rolled up to the elbows and trousers are rolled up to the ankles. The Quran Teachers Online says intention starts with “Bismillah ''.

The Quran Learning USA explain the accurate method of Ablution for kids. Basically this method comprises ten steps.

Step 1: (Washing Hands Thoroughly)

The Quran Learning USA illustrated this step of washing your hands to wrists three times, right hand then left hand ensuring wash hands between fingers.

Step 02: (Carefully wash Mouth)

The Quran Learning USA makes ablution easy for kids as by the help of pictorial representation. Put a hand full of water in your mouth and rinse it completely three times using your right hand. The Quran Learning USA further explains that according to Sunnah Muslims are allowed to use brush otherwise you can rub your teeth with fingers.

Step 03: (Wash Nose Tip)

In this step three times sniff water into your nose and then wash the tip of your nose. Clean your nose with the help of your left hand.

Step 05 & 06: (Face Washing)

The Quran Learning USA says this step is about washing your face three times from right ear to left ear and from the forehead to the throat.

Step 07: (Arms Washing Process)

In this step Islamic community first wash the right arm then proceed towards the left arm from the wrist to the elbow three times.

Step :08 (a) & (b) Palms Usage

In this step over the head move your wet palms from the top of the forehead to the back of the head. Smear at least one fourth of your head.

Step: 09 (Ears Cleaning Process)

In this step wipe the nape of your neck and clean the inside and outside of both ears including behind the ears.

Step: 10 (Washing Feet)

The Quran Learning USA says the last step of ablution is washing feet, starting from right foot up to the ankles wash your both feet certifying that wash between the toes along with all parts of the feet.

The Quran Learning USA explained the easiest way of ablution for all. By doing ablution properly your sins washed and surety of acceptance of Namaz is getting higher.

May Allah help us to perform Namaz in time and properly according to the way described by our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). AMEEN