Appropriate Age When Should Start Teaching Children the Holy Quran:

According to the Quran Learning USA parents are accountable for the religious and nonspiritual education of their child. For the actual execution of the instructions, children should be taught the Holy Book of Allah. The Quran Learning USA emphasis on the teaching method of recitation of the Holy Quran & its actual implementation. The Quran Learning USA says one should taught children the basics of Islam including Aqidah, singleness of Allah and his characteristics & how to spend life on basic Islamic disciplines. The Quran Learning USA Says parents should focus on teaching their children what is lawful and what is unlawful, learning of fasting & salat according to Fiqh.

According to Islamic point of view, the Quran Learning USA explained there is no fixed age before or after which parents may or may not teach children the Quran or any other discussion of Islamic knowledge. The Quran Learning USA conducted a survey and concluded that children are ready to memorize rhymes when they are 03 years of age. But when the children are ready to write and learn alphabets then we should start learning to read the Quran and that is approximately 03-05 years of age.

The Quran Learning USA focuses on teaching a child with small surah’s & Dua when they are as small as 18 months old. The Quran Learning USA further explained that parents should make a daily schedule of Dua’s that children must recite while drinking milk, when sleeping, and when awake recite these Dua’s. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said;

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”

Therefore, the Quran Learning USA says child parents should make a decision that if a child shows signs of excellence and has a great memory then it would be wise to start teaching him the Holy Quran at an early stage. The Quran Learning USA says as observed by our instructors (Huffaz) that memorization is very effective at a young age. The Quran Learning USA focuses on many incidents in Islamic history, a child when it is born has memorized many surah’s of the Quran, basically due to the fact that the mother had been reciting the Holy Quran on a regular basis during pregnancy. This depicts that if a child hears the Holy Quran being recited from birth, he will develop a natural understanding and love for the Holy book. The Quran Teachers Online says a child may differ from another in his mental ability & knowledgeable capacity. The reason is that a child is similar to another in age but the difference in their understanding is enormous.

The Quran Learning USA designated a Quran Class for children who have the first setup into learning the Holy Quran. Students can learn basic rules of reading the Holy Quran, pronunciation of Arabic Alphabet. The Quran Learning USA provide classes along with Tajweed rules and students can learn with expert Male & Female Instructors.