Online Quran with Tajweed

Welcome to our Learn Quran with Tajweed online course. In this course, we offer a transformative online Quran learning experience with a strong emphasis on Tajweed. We aim to provide comprehensive Quranic education to students of all ages. Starting Quran reading from a basic level is very much necessary, as it provides the fundamental Tajweed skills that enables every person to recite the Quran without knowing the rules of Tajweed. The traditional Qaida (Basic Tajweed) is designed in such a manner that it enables you to read right after you learn it with the help of your tutor.

Why Learn Quran Online with Tajweed:

It is necessary to learn the Quran with the Tajweed. Tajweed is not just about the pronunciation of the words but also the eloquence and sanctity of the holy text. It is also not a good act to recite the Quran with mistakes or not in a proper way. It will lessen the deeds rather than increase them. Therefore, one should know about the proper knowledge of reciting the Quran. We are offering our Al Quran Online with Tajweed course. In this course, you will learn all the rules to recite the Holy Quran. Our Skilled tutors will help you discover the Quran's spiritual depth.

Here's why our platform stands out in offering Quranic education with a focus on Tajweed:

Why Read the Quran:

Our tutors are qualified and experienced to teach Tajweed proficiently. They guide students through proper pronunciation, elongation, and diction. They ensure to develop a melodic and accurate recitation style in their students. By completing our course, you can recite the Holy Verses in a euphonious way by following all the rules.
A body of brief courses outline is presented here. It is easy and comprehensive to learn the basic Tajweed.

  • The Arabic Letters & their Proper Pronunciation
  • Consonants
  • Short Vowels (Harakat)
  • Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah)
  • Tanwees
  • Soft Vowels (Huroof Leenah)
  • Noon Sakinah & Tanween
  • Rules of Reciting the Letter Raa
  • Rules of Reciting the Letter Laam
  • The Rules of Noon Qutni
  • Waqf (Proper Pausing and Stopping)


How our Online Tajweed Courses Work:

Our website provides structured and comprehensive courses to help learners of all levels, from newcomers to advanced students. Everyone can learn the Quran Online with Tajweed at our website. Whether you are a kid or an adult, our course is easily accessible to all.
Here's how our online learning process works:



At the start, we conduct an assessment to get an idea about each student's current level of Quranic reading proficiency. It helps us tailor the course for each student because they have different learning capacities and needs. So, it would be easy for us to deal with them accordingly.


Tailored Curriculum:

Our instructors create a customized curriculum that covers essential Tajweed rules and principles. We know how to go lesson by lesson and take the student to the next level, after which they can read the Quran by his/herself.

Start your course today to become an ideal reciter of the Quran.