Learn Noorani Qaida

On our website, we offer a comprehensive Noorani Qaida online course. It is designed for beginners of all ages. If you are an adult and did not get your basic Islamic education to read the Quran, then this is your turn to start learning Noorani Qaida lesson 1 today. Our Online Noorani Qaida lessons make it easy to start your basic step without embarrassment. The classes would be online, so you do not have to go anywhere. This course serves as the foundation for Quranic reading, enabling you to read the divine words of the Quran with confidence and fluency. It is designed for beginners of all ages, whether kids or adults. Because we believe in to start later is better than starting never.

What is Noorani Qaida?

Qurani Qaida is the first step to learning the reading of the Holy Quran. It is a fundamental and time-tested method of learning Quranic Arabic script and pronunciation. It is a step-by-step guide that introduces learners to the Arabic alphabet, vowel sounds, and pronunciation rules, making it easier for them to read the Quran with proper Tajweed (recitation rules). Our expert tutors will help students to learn hard lessons easily.


Noorani Qaida Course Outlines:

Our course covers the following essential components:


Arabic Alphabet:

You will be introduced to Arabic letters, their shapes, and their sounds. Through interactive exercises and practice, you will quickly become familiar with the Arabic alphabet. It is just like learning the alphabet of other languages is essential to learn that language.


Vowel Sounds:

Our expert tutors will help you to recognize and pronounce short and long vowel sounds with ease. Because Mastering vowel sounds is crucial for accurate Quranic recitation.


Tanween and Noon Sakinah:

You will learn about Tanween (double short vowels) and Noon Sakinah (the nasal sound of noon when it appears at the end of a word). Understanding these rules is essential for reading the Quran correctly.



Madd refers to the elongation of certain vowel sounds. Our course will guide you in recognizing and applying the rules of Madd in your recitation. So, you will be able to recite the Quran proficiently if you know all the rules.


Sukoon and Shaddah:

Our Noorani Qaida Lessons will teach you to learn about Sukoon (the absence of vowels) and Shaddah (the doubling of a consonant). These are basic and crucial rules for proper Quranic pronunciation.


Why Choose Our Noorani Qaida Online Course?

We have the best tutors on our team who are proficient in teaching Arabic to beginners.

We have the best tutors on our team who are proficient in teaching Arabic to beginners.


Visual Aids and Multimedia:

It is a very hard task to engage students in their lessons. Our course incorporates visual aids, audio recordings, and multimedia resources to make the learning process engaging and effective. So, the kids do not lose their interest in learning their lessons.


Step-by-Step Progress:

Our course is structured to help you progress systematically. Master each lesson before moving on to the next, ensuring a strong foundation in Quranic reading.


Start your Journey with Us:

Let us guide you on your path to Quranic proficiency and inspire you to seek the boundless blessings and wisdom of the Quran. Welcome to our Noorani Qaida online course and start your Qurani Qaida Lesson 1 today.